It is our dream to be a place where believers and skeptics have authentic community together and true friendship. Part of true friendship and authentic community is about having honest conversations about faith and doubt. In The Grove we encourage Christians to be honest about their doubts, and to ask the questions that are related to their doubts, because the answers to those questions will help refine their faith. We also encourage skeptics to keep an open mind about Christianity and to consider doubting their own doubts.

That is why it is our desire is to be a place where people can belong before they believe. We want to be a church who understands that faith first comes with lots questions and doubts. Therefore, we strive to be a place where people can explore those questions and doubts. In fact, it is an honor for us to be able to walk alongside our city and its people as we together explore questions about Jesus that hopefully leads towards belief in Him; but if not, we still want to be lifelong friends with the people of our city, no matter what the result is.

If you are skeptical, please come. If you are seeking answers, please come. If you have desires and longings that nothing in this world is satisfying, please come.