Find Your Story

Your story is hidden in the Christian story. We want to help you find it. Here is How.


Gospel Communities meet in homes throughout the city. In them you will find authentic friendships and honest conversations about faith and doubt. 


On Sunday Mornings at 10am you will find thoughtful sermons that speak to both believers and skeptics, and engaging music that carries heartfelt, meaningful lyrics.


Discipleship Groups are smaller more intimate groups designed to help you grow in Christ and equip you for your purpose in the world.  


The Grove Team are people seeking to write stories of new life in Christ by leading and serving in a Gospel Community, on Sunday Morning, or in a Discipleship Group

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If you’re looking for something that’s refreshing and different, look no further than The Grove Church.
— Mark
Before The Grove, I had never been to a church where I looked forward to going every Sunday. Not only myself, but my husband and two young daughters.
— Janice
The Grove is the first church in a long time that I have felt at home and a part of the family from the beginning!
— Kelsey
The songs with their relevant messages/lyrics were beautifully sung and the highlight of my worship experience.
— John