Our desire is to help build a flourishing city
by helping people find their story.


We believe this happens as the glory, beauty, and worth of God is discovered through the good news of Jesus echoing in the halls of our hearts and resounding in all the nook and crannies of our city. As the gospel is embraced a new story is written. It’s a story that brings hope out of despair, love out of indifference, and life out of death.

Ultimately, finding your story means being swept up into your true identity and true calling.

Get Connected.

Connect to community

Gospel Communities are the hands and feet of who we are. These communities meet in houses throughout the city and in them you will find authentic friendships and a true community of believers and skeptics who love and serve each other. The idea here is that people can belong to a Christian community before they believe. This is the place where we explore the bible together, ask questions, and wrestle with faith and doubt.

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Corporate worship is the heart of who we are. Here we seek to be a place that brings the good news of Jesus Christ to both the Christian and the Skeptic. Our aim is to worship God as a response to a new and greater discovery of His glory, beauty, and worth. We believe that this discovery and rediscovery happens through the preaching of the Word, Prayer, Song, Communion, and Baptisms.

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