Our Vision

A new story for our city and its people 


Human history is the long terrible story of mankind trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.
— C.S. Lewis


We can see that something has gone wrong in the story of mankind and it is our belief that the only good, honest, and real solution to the problem of our world is an alternative story that is being woven into the existing story. It is a story about the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ coming to rescue our world and its people.

The word gospel means good news. Or put another way, the gospel means the good story about God rescuing His people. The gospel is not advice about what we should do but a story about what has been done; a story that tells us that God has come into the world to rescue us from the chaos, decay, and death that is caused by sin, and to rescue us from sin itself. Jesus says in John 10:10 that, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” The divine drama is that the King and His kingdom have come. This is the alternative story that is being woven into the fabric of our city; the story that is invading and writing away the old story. As this happens we believe we are helping to build a great city as Christ renews it spiritually, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

Our Mission

Together, write stories of new life in Christ.


As humans created and called in the image of God, we are not primarily thinkers, feelers, or doers; but we are primarily lovers. Every single one of us is led by what we love most, by what we desire most, by what we want most. As followers of Jesus Christ we are people who love Jesus as ultimate, therefore we are led by Him.  That means that as we love Jesus more and more we begin to follow Him more closely and begin to reflect Him more and more in the way we live. This is our new life in Christ.  

But it doesn’t end there, not only are we seeking to create people who love Jesus but we desire to see those same people help create other lovers and followers of Jesus. That is what it means to "Together, writes stories of new life in Christ". 


The Calling of every Christian

Each and every Christian has a broad and specific calling in this life to help write stories of new life in Christ.  

  • Our Broad Calling is to love and follow Jesus and help create other lovers and followers of Jesus.

  • Our Specific Calling is to glorify God where we live, work, and/or play with the gifts and abilities God has given us.