Our Values

Our values are what shape our culture.

Below are our values and the results of what happens when we value these things.
The gospel is at the center of our values and all other values flow out of the gospel value.


Gospel: Connect to God
Community: Connect to each other
Our City: Connect to our city and serve
People: Connect to people and families
Hospitality: Connect the believer and skeptic
Mission: Connect the city and its people to God
Discovery: Connect to God's glory, beauty, and worth
Movement: Connect to the movement

Our Rhythms

Our Rhythms are the actions that are connected to the values listed above.
If we truly value what we say we value then our actions ought to reflect those values.


Learn: We take a humble posture ready to learn from God and those around us
Gather: We come together to eat, celebrate, learn about God, and pray
Serve: We give of ourselves to others
Invest: We help others grow
Welcome: We have authentic community between believer and skeptic
Engage: We join in what God is already doing around us in people, neighborhoods, and workplaces
Worship: We seek to discover the glory, beauty, and worth of God and respond
Equip: We train people for the specific ministry that God has called them to