1. Be a network of churches and sites that are interrelated.

Each church/site will
a. Be composed of gospel centered missional communities. (win: Authentic community with believers and skeptics)
b. Strive to create rich-Christ exalting worship experiences that engage both skeptics and Christians. (win: Discovery of God’s glory, beauty, and worth)
c. Equip every Christian for ministry through discipleship groups. (win: Equip the Christian)


2. We will also focus much of our attention in the future toward training and equipping gospel movement leaders who will ignite gospel movements:

a. In and through the workplace and through creative expressions throughout the city. (win: Relevant yet distinct living)
b. By starting justice and mercy organizations that meet the needs of our city. (win: Deed).
c. By being sent out into the city to plant new churches and sites. (win: Word)