At The Grove, we have three environments that we feel make up what is called "church". Typically when someone thinks of church they think of a building that holds corporate worship services. When we think of church we think of three environments of the church as people gather together. 

1. Gospel Communities
2. Corporate Worship
3. Discipleship Groups


Gospel Community

A Gospel Community is a group of 8-30 people who meet in homes through the city.  There are three main areas that this group focuses on:

1. The Gospel: the good news of Jesus Christ found in scripture.

2. Christian Community: Christians seeking to love and serve one another and the people of our city.

3. Mission: creating an authentic community of believers and skeptics who wrestle with faith and doubt.


Sunday Mornings

We see Sunday Morning as all of our gospel communities coming together corporately to celebrate all that God has been doing and worship Him. They do this by responding to an encounter of His glory, beauty, and worth that is experienced through the preaching of God’s word, prayer, the singing of who God is and what He has done for us, and the celebration of baptism and communion.


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are made up of 2 to 8 people, of the same gender, who meet together to invest in each other’s spiritual growth and equip each other for their purpose and calling in the world. The purpose of this group is to come together with those we trust to connect to God through His Word, counseling each other in the gospel, equip each other for ministry, and pray.


The Grove Team


The Grove Team is a group of people who are seeking to write stories of new life through the love and news of Jesus Christ. They do this by leading or serving in a Gospel Community, on Sunday Morning, or in a Discipleship Group.